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Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor Thank you all for the great feedback on the last article in this series. I will address the question of taking becoming manipulative in this article.

Given the support, I have decided to continue writing about "Defense Against Manipulative Dating Games". I will save the questions about manipulative giving for the next post.

But, it does mean that, if you want something specific, you should ask for it upfront as a trade.

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If it is creating an unfair and grossly imbalanced exchange, then it is manipulative.

This rule protects a "giver" from being taken advantage of by someone who takes, but never gives back.

This also keeps people motivated to give freely..our exchange society running smoothly.

If you missed the first article, you can find it here. Before I can answer those questions, however, I need to clarify a few terms.

From your comments, there appears to be a lot of questions about "giving and taking" in dating interactions. In my work, I make the personal distinction between "influence" and "manipulation".

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