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Her head, blouse and even the grass beneath her was saturated with blood.Next to her was a two-foot section of fence post which Leach noted was covered in dark stains, hair and “particles of what I believe to be flesh.” As Morgan’s flashbulbs lit up the pre-dawn darkness, police from neighboring departments arrived and fanned out into the yard. Roemer, the local physician, was summoned and confirmed what the assembled officers already knew—Patty was dead.He played on the freshman football team but due to his poor grades he was ineligible for the JV team that coming fall. Initially Michael was somewhat ambivalent about Patty. “No, it’s in my pocket, Patty.” He gave her the ring back and she dutifully slipped it on.When they first started dating he continued to go out with his sister’s friend Lois Schuehler, knowing full well that Patty would be hurt if she ever found out. The incident flustered Patty but as far as Michael was concerned if she wanted his ring she had to wear it all of the time. Whenever Mike took Pat out he tried to belittle her and would usually embarrass her in front of other kids.” The couple began bickering about small, petty things and Michael, more often than not, reduced Patty to tears, dismissing her reaction as just being a “baby.” Their most serious disagreements were with the weekly teen dances.Why Michael responded the way he did that morning was another.

“She changed so much over the next two years you wouldn’t believe it,” he said.

It was this easy manner and magnetic personality that made her one of the most popular underclassmen in school.

She was a conscientious student and was active in the school band and chorus.

Thursday, August 8th, 1963—the last day of Patty’s life—began as typical busy summer day. Afterward she walked to the drug store at the shopping center, met her father, Mel Rebholz, and went home for lunch.

That afternoon her older brother Mel Jr., who had his own car and spent much of his last summer before college ferrying Patty and her friends around, drove her to a friend’s house where Patty admired her friend’s new puppy. dropped her off at Beth’s house on his way to a school board meeting.

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