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Marriage license scott a, ernst, columbus and renee m dreifurst, platte center, to be married oct 8 at st joseph church in platte center personals dr and mrs duane young of ix s angeles arrived in lincoln thursday with the californians for nebraska to attend the alabama-nebraska football game saturday.

On an LTE 4G network, it took an average of Whet Moser takes a closer look at how UBS arrived at their numbers.

December 07, The Supreme Court refused to review Highland Park's ban on assault weapons , five years after the court struck down Chicago's handgun ban and just a year and a half after an appeals court overturned the ordinance prohibiting gun shops within city limits.

A federal judge ruled Monday that tasing and dragging handcuffed Philip Coleman out of his cell amounted to "brute force," ruling against Chicago police in a civil suit brought be Coleman's family.

September 18, A new report ranks Chicago between Tokyo and London as the seventh most expensive city in the world.

Ameya Pawar is threatening to force the long-problematic company out of Uptown.

November 09, The Death of a 9-Year-Old Lots of people on Facebook are sharing a Tribune story about four gang members admitting they killed a 9-year-old because they thought he was snitching.

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Most friends I have, their guy friends are married.

This is hard.” Omaha has a population of nearly 409,000 people with a roughly even distribution of men and women.

Burke expressed frustration with pretrial handling of suspects in Cook County.

December 15, Salon reports on a recent investigation in which State's Gresham muslim personals Anita Alvarez chose not to prosecute an officer who admitted to lying on the stand.

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