Antique calico clue dating guide identifying in quilt

to make a knife-edge the batting is trimmed smaller than the top and backing.the top and backing fabric are folded under and sewn together, encasing the batting and forming the knife-edge.the backing fabric is laid out flat, then the batting layer is placed on top and smoothed out, then the quilt top is laid out on top of that and smoothed out.after the “sandwich” is made the 3 layers are basted together.Finished Block Size: 6 inch Setting: Straight-Set, 13 x 15 blocks Approximate Finished Quilt Size: 78 x 90 inches In addition to your usual quilting supplies here are your fabric requirements, based on at least 42 inches usable fabric. Fabric A: 4 3/4 yard (cream, mottled)Fabric B: 1 yard (light green)Fabric C: 1 yard (medium green)Fabric D: 1/2 yard (dark green) Backing: 3 yards of 108 inch wide backing fabric Binding Fabric: 3/4 yards Batting: prepackaged queen size Step 3a Make Irish Chain Quilt Blocks. Head over to this page to see how to make an Irish chain quilt block (opens in a new window).When you have made 98 Irish chain quilt blocks, come back here and continue to Step 3b.It is very easy to put together as it is a basic nine patch.

Family history is often a fuzzy thing, and quilt history can’t be based on assumptions.These quilts were produced starting in the mid 80’s so they are starting to show up at estate sales across the country.People who buy up estates assume that if a quilt has hand stitching and is found at an estate sale it must be old.For the steps below, refer to the above Irish Chain Quilt Pattern Quilt Assembly Diagram. Layout the 6 1/2 inch Irish chain quilt blocks and plain 6 1/2 inch squares as shown in the Quilt Assembly Diagram. May I suggest a straight line quilting pattern of diagonal lines, first going from left to right and then going from right to left of the quilt. Or, if you know how to free-motion quilt go for it!Start by laying out a single Irish chain block and then a plain square, alternating the blocks within each row and between rows. Press seams of Row 1 to the right and press the seams of each successive row in the opposite direction of the previous row. Backing: Purchase and use 3 yards of 108 inch wide backing fabric. Put the Irish chain quilt pattern quilt sandwich together by layering it in this order: the backing, batting and quilt top. Binding Fabric: 3/4 yard fabric From the 3/4 yard of fabric cut 9 (2 1/2 x WOF) strips, trim selvages and join to make a single long binding strip.

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