Are antonio cesaro and aksana really dating

Aksana hangs her over the ring frame and connects with an elbow.The action moves back into the ring as Aksana covers for 2.Cesaro mocks Ziggler’s hip gyrations (AMAZING) then does a “WE! Cesaro covers for 2 then takes Ziggler back down with a scoop slam for a 1-count.Cesaro wrenches in a rear-chinlock to wear Ziggler down.Aksana immediately gets to her feet after and levels Natalya with a clothesline for the 1…2…kickout.

Cesaro flings Ziggler through the ropes and onto the floor, so Ziggler struts around the ring.We go to the announce table where Phillips and Alex Riley wish everyone a “Merry Christmas! Riley jokes about the crowd chanting for Dolph Ziggler even though the match is up next.Natalya’s opponent Aksana makes her way out second. Aksana Natalya gets the crowd clapping to start, then immediately takes Aksana to the mat with a leglock.Ziggler catches a kick attempt and connects with a dropkick of his own, followed by the 10 rapid-fire elbowdrops of doom for a 2-count.Swagger climbs the apron, distracting Ziggler long enough for Ziggler to take him out with a right hand. We go back live as Cesaro tosses Ziggler into the corner.

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