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And that sensibility feeds into their aesthetic – a kind of rebellious but not adolescent rock cool, a commitment to having fun no matter what, on and off the stage.“Turning thirty is the bomb,” Haines exclaimed as we talked about aging in rock while staying young. “Yeah, I do,” she snapped, the angular planes of her lineless face suddenly sharper and more pronounced as she stared me down.Metric guitarist Jimmy Shaw sits sipping some mineral water, a fedora perched on his head; vocalist and synth player Emily Haines folds herself neatly into a nearby chair.

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Before I ask a single question, I tell them a story. It would not completely implode for nearly another year, but the plastic explosives were being coolly, methodically placed at all the weak points. The only things he didn't hate were Metric, and me.

“And it’s amazing to have kids coming up to us after shows saying ‘I listened to you driving to high school and now I listen to you driving to college.’” The signature Metric idea is that the sweet spot in music and in life comes from luxuriating in the battle and then celebrating fiercely when you win. The bar was open, the drinks flowing, and periodically plates of micro greens, posh crudite and fancy grilled cheese sandwich squares would appear to help guests like Nick Zinner and Adam Green soak up the booze.

On my way to the bar for yet another Stoli and soda I accidentally jostled Metric guitarist Jimmy Shaw on his way from the bar carrying a bunch of shots.

Instead of struggling artists, they are now an internationally known commodity.

Rather than completely rebel against that success, they seek control it - to retain their integrity through deliberate management.

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