Auction dating online

Common promises offered are; he list really is endless. If you have a business such as hairdressing, massage, reflexology offering an auction freebie can also be a great way to market your services to a wide audience and gain new customers.The growth of the web and increased use of the internet has seen a big increase in online charity auctions as more and more non profit organisations take their fundraising online.Silent lists are great at fairs and fetes as bids can be made over several hours and the winning bids announced at the end.

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It is also possible to use an auction to add a quick bit of excitement to another event. They then drop the price lower and lower until someone 'bites". A common charity variation on this is to use a silent bid list.

But first you have to decide what it is you have to auction.

Traditionally this has been goods (usually second-hand) donated by supporters.

These days as well as traditional style auctions at fundraising events many charities are discovering how to use online charity auctions to raise funds.

We have therefore split this page into 2 main sections covering both traditional and online.

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