Backgroundworker progresschanged not updating

If you’re looking to calculate something as quickly as possible using all the cores on your machine, then this is a good place to start.This approach depends on your task being able to be divided up into independent subtasks, so that each subtask can be calculated separately.I'm used to C on Unix and this VC is throwing me a bit. Here is a simple example on how to use the Background Worker class in C#.It does this 10 times (so we can see how to monitor progress).The image address is provided by the user in a WPF form, and we report the number of files downloaded in a progress bar on that form.

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It’s not something you are going to master in a day.Multi-threaded programming is tricky at the best of times.The fundamental problem is that you don’t want two threads trying to access the same bit of memory at once.-Through the Run Worker Completed method, we'll retrieve our return values from the 2nd thread Ok, lets get coding!Double click on the Do Work event and add: Yes there is.

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