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As long as I’m safe, sane and everything is consensual there’s no problem.‘We both get immense satisfaction knowing each other’s sexual, physical and mental needs are being met.’ Pearl first discovered her love for orgies and non-monogamous relationships when she was working as a burlesque dancer in 2012.

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‘I made plenty of friends that night and have been enthralled by it all ever since.’ But, despite her liberated approach to intimacy, Pearl has stringent rules when it comes to orgies – always providing condoms for guests and making safety her priority.‘We don’t need to feel insecure, because we know our value to each other.‘My boyfriend is human and understands me and my needs.That way, if someone passes out or makes other people uncomfortable, we can alert whoever they came with.‘Being filmed is also a worry at orgies – so no one is allowed in with recording devices or mobile phones.

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