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Seeking company and a little romance, Thea became a member of Ashley, a website that connects married people wanting to have an affair.Thea began an ongoing affair after a few dates with a man.By reading this, you agree that none of the experts offering information are liable for actions you or others take.If you feel that counseling could be helpful, please look up counselors available in your area.But experts say that a large majority of the time, motivations differ by gender, with men searching for more sex or attention and women looking to fill an emotional void."Women tell me, 'I was lonely, not connected, I didn't feel close to my partner, and I was taken for granted,'" marriage and family therapist Winifred Reilly says.When Thea and her husband moved to Los Angeles a few years ago, she had no friends close by and was alone frequently while her husband worked long hours.

56% of men who had affairs were happy in their marriage.

"He was giving me all of the stuff my husband wasn't -- attention and affection," she says.

There are many reasons for infidelity such as revenge, boredom, the thrill of sexual novelty, sexual addiction.

I didn't care enough about my relationships to not risk ruining them. If you truly respect the person you've committed to, you will never be able to cheat on him or her.

I didn't respect my partners enough to treat them like they my partners. You would just not be capable of doing that to someone you care deeply about.

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