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You just set up a group on the concentrator and supply the group name and password to your VPN user community. The concentrator has finite limitations on the number of groups and users it can support for internal authentication.You could put everyone into one group to make it simple. You will probably be using an external authentication service, and the per-user maintenance required for that does not change. You do not have to keep track of a unique key for each user, just for a group.The intention is to test your base knowledge and understanding of the concepts discussed in this chapter.Should your answers be different (as they likely will be), consider the differences.Security best practice says that you should be changing these passwords regularly, even if they are not compromised (in fact, that is one of the best ways to protect against compromised passwords). The alternative to using preshared keys for device authentication is to use Certificate Authorities (CAs) and digital certificates. This 16-question quiz helps you determine how to spend your limited study time.

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You want to establish IPSec VPN connections from each shop through the Internet to the corporate network for sending/receiving e-mail, reporting sales, and ordering supplies.

You will be using a Cisco VPN 3030 Concentrator with no SEP modules.

No changes have been made to the default Base Group. Chapter 4: Configuring Cisco VPN 3000 for Remote Access Using Preshared Keys Scenario Answers The answers provided in this section are not necessarily the only correct answers.

They merely represent one possibility for each scenario.

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