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Should you enroll your kids in coed schools, or splurge on single-sex private schools?It’s a tricky decision made trickier by the fact that conventional wisdom is often at odds with data.Our kids are probably smarter than frogs and mice—so how much stock should we put in brain morphology when trying to decide whether our kids should be in single-sex schools?One of the main purported advantages to single-sex schools is that children feel less pigeonholed into gender roles.

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between the physical structures of male and female brains.

They found that those attending single-sex schools performed better on standardized tests, were more likely to attend a four-year college, and less likely to junior college (a negative academic outcome).

The effects were strong for both boys and girls, but across most metrics the boys saw the greatest benefits..

In other words, kids are going to be exposed to stereotypes regardless of what school they attend., which exploited a South Korean law that randomly assigns students to either single-sex or coed schools.

Which means the hard work was done for them—all they had to do was track each student’s progress and see how both sets of randomly-assigned students turned out.

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