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In economic policy, the ambivalence of the shift in Lemass’s view from protectionist to free marketeer is discussed, including the way in which, in the 1950s, he began to address the problems that had resulted from the very protectionist policies he had earlier been instrumental in introducing.

In relations with Northern Ireland economic co-operation was seen as the way forward, although with little success.

It seeks to explain what differentiates Lemass from his predecessors and helped set Ireland on a new economic, political and social course.

Nearly forty years later such detailed considerations of the terminology used in negotiation is still crucial to success in this area.These developments are dealt with in a very thorough and meaningful way in Savage’s work.The debate about the form television broadcasting should take in the state is examined by reference to the various models of television organisation already existing elsewhere, including Britain’s BBC, other European broadcasting organisations, and the more overtly commercial operations elsewhere.If you have a Samsung Smart TV for example (as I do) and a good internet connection, then you can download the Facebook Watch TV App and watch in full widescreen.I’ve used this many times and, for the vast majority of the time, it has worked fantastically.

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