Courtship dating mexico

When I returned home from Mexico, his dad contacted my dad, and I learned that he wanted to court me.I was a little surprised, but thought, “Well, I like him as a friend, and I’d hate to say no to a courtship just because I don’t have any romantic interest.

Within a few months, when it became clear to me that his winning my heart wasn’t going to happen–ever, I did what any good ATI girl would do: I got my dad to call his dad to call the whole thing off.

Looking back on my situation, agreeing to this courtship was a mistake.

There were a lot of difficult thing for me during this time, but one of the hardest was interacting with ATI friends and acquaintances who excitedly congratulated me, assuming this young man and I would soon be married, simply because we were courting.

Turns out, however, that they saw it as a God-given opportunity for their son and me to get to know each other better.

He and I did become friends, enjoying humor, discussing Shakespeare, and sharing many of the same experiences as Advanced Training Institute (ATI) students.

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