Date cams

Video records to a micro SD card so you can select the storage capacity (up to 32 GB) you want in order to potentially extend how long videos are saved before they are recorded over.A two-inch LCD screen on the back will display both camera feeds (picture-in-picture) or one feed at a time.With this wide angle, you will be sure to catch all of the action that is happening in front or behind your car as you drive. You can plug the camera directly into the cigarette lighter for continuous operation.

Dash cams have many functions other than simply recording what is going on in front of the car.

First off, the Rexing Wide Angle Dash Camera has clear 1080p HD video recording at 30 frames per second on a wide-angle 170-degree lens, so you’ll be able get every detail.

It will automatically detect collisions and save those video files for later so you don’t lose them.

The dash cam features two independently swiveling cameras.

One camera records 720P while the other records at 420p, making the resolution of each camera crisp enough to clearly see the video without needing a large amount of storage.

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