Dating a fireman deluxe reverb dating

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Real-time information from law enforcement officials in your area.

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I'm a career firefighter/EMT working the back half of my 24 tonight. I'll be around for awhile unless we get a call, so AMA! EDIT: 1231 EST: Had a run, but we're back in business, keep the questions coming!

At thirty minutes after shift change while others check out the truck they are on the phone making business calls for their (insert business here) side job.

“I know we have training today, but I’m trying to make a sale, schedule a quote, purchase a new mower, etc.” Of course no firehouse is complete without the two years till retirement salty fireman. There is nothing they haven’t done on scene and really no reason to train anymore.

Lets take a look at some of our cast members at the typical fire station.

First, we have the young kid that enters into the service right out of high school with very little life experience.

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