Dating advice for single women

Through the years, a woman’s body transforms, with most of these transformations being supported by gravity – everything starts falling down.

In puberty, your breasts were not growing as much as you or your high school crushes would have liked them to, and that might have bothered you a lot.

When someone is hitting on you, the reason better be because he likes the whole you, and not just some of your parts.

If you were or you still are among these women, you shouldn’t let your supposed inferiority play the main role in the romantic movie of your life. Small breasts are known as “politically correct breasts,” making a woman less objectified.

But, since you do not own a lot of extra skin or extra fat in your cheast area, it won’t have stria.

That means you won’t have to bother with putting on balms and creams, and covering up at the beach, thanks to your stria-free twins!

Small breasts are a weapon if he holds it right and your hypersensitivity serves as a trigger. Small boobs, nice flannel, no accidental unbuttoning.

During petting or actual intercourse, your partner has two accomplices in the crime scene of killing you softly with orgasmic nirvana. Even when you decide to unbutton a little bit, it won’t seem like an intro to a hardcore porn movie, and men will still be hungry for a bite of your tasteful cleavage.

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