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Another dilemma that is part of the grey area is what to do when you meet a nice girl when you are about to leave for a four month internship abroad?

It can be an ugly surprise when you come home ready to pick things up where you left them and it turns out meanwhile she has been sleeping around with half of Delft.

So if you have set your fears aside and asked a girl out, or just got lucky and got approached by one, you are ready to start dating.

Het is ook een leuke manier om er achter te komen waar je date van houdt.

Ruil op straat, op de markt, in winkels of bij mensen aan de deur voor een iets beter, groter of mooier voorwerp. Je moet even je gêne aan de kant zetten, maar lol zal je hebben. ), zo investeer je meteen in jullie gezamenlijke inboedel. Roundabout Ga gek, ga picknicken midden op een rotonde.

Most guys cannot resist the temptation and bite, often resulting in the end of their potential relationship.

Arguing that you thought it was ok as you did not have ‘the talk’ yet, is often very ineffective at those moments.

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