Dating different social classes

It refers to those sentiments of people in a class which impel them to help, cooperate and sympathies with the people belonging to the same class.

Class consciousness was not very much developed in the past and people belonging to different classes usually mixed and assisted each other.

At the basis of the structure lies the lowest social class and above it other social classes, arranged in a hierarchy of rank and distinction”- The stratification or the division of the society into several ranks on the basis of super ordination and subordination is a characteristic feature of most of the social systems.

Social scientists use class as the most powerful concept of stratification for explaining social organisation, social movements and power structure.

But in the world today class consciousness has considerably increased.

This has resulted in the causation of many frictions and disputes on that account.

Some social scientists, being inclined towards Marxists’ understanding of class, have gone to the extent where they suggest the existence of classes in India even during the ancient period.

First it may be defined in terms of some objectives, normally economic.

According to Karl Marx, classes are large groups of people who differ from another by their relation to the means of production, by their role in the social organisation and labour and consequently by the mode and dimension of acquiring the share of social wealth of which they dispose.

A Social class is a stratum with a definite identity recognized by its members and others.

It is concerned with a group of individuals which cuts across castes and religion.

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