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Feature #2 (mold seam diameter) is not as strongly diagnostic as the primary indicators as mouth-blown bottles sometimes can have very fine mold seams.

Feature #7 describes a couple glass related features that are quite consistent in machine-made bottles, but not diagnostic, i.e., mouth-blown bottles may sometimes have few/no bubbles in the glass and even thickness.

Both seams are quite diagnostic of machine manufacture and are usually visible, though the seam at the top of the finish can be hard to see on some bottles - especially if the finish was fire polished.

In the glassmaking trade, these seams along with the side mold seams within the finish or just below are referred to as "neck ring" or "neckring" seams since they were formed by the separate neck ring portion of a machine mold (Tooley 1953).

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Jessica Griffin is giving a sincere shout out to Dr.

Jessica claims she did not have a client/therapist or doctor/patient relationship with Jonathan at any point during production and outside companies are hired to conduct the psychological evaluations of "I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to make such a special connection with this special woman," Jessica concluded.

"I know she won't read this, but maybe her assistant or sweet husband will tell her. Excited about our future adventures together." Jessica did not mention Jessica and Jonathan, who began dating last summer and went public with their relationship in August 2018, got engaged last weekend at the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

(Note: A movie clip showing this process in action is linked at the bottom of this box.) Suction scars can not be produced by feed and flow automatic machines (i.e.

"I have always said, you can find love in extraordinary ways -- you just have to follow your heart and be you, nobody other than you, and the right person will find you (if he's persistent enough and eventually hunts you down and won't take no for an answer.)" Jessica shared on Instagram, showing off a photo of her diamond ring.

"For the first time in my history of knowing him, Jon was at a loss for words and a total adorable mess on his knee.

"gob feeders") though a similar type mark without the feathering is induced by the parison/blank mold of most other blow-and-blow machines - including up to the present day.

Press-and-blow machines usually have a round valve mark on the base but lack either the suction or parison scars.

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