Dating habesha women

She confidently speaks three languages- Amharic, Italian and English.Senait Gidey is a Canadian model of Ethiopian descent.

However, on the bright side, Ethiopia has produced some of the most beautiful black women in the world, right from the time of Queen of Sheba to the present day.Most Ethiopian women are black with high cheekbones and a thick stature. A lot of urban women can be seen wearing western style clothing as well as typical African dress. They do wear cosmetics, flashy accessories, and adorn themselves with cosmetics and piercings.See Also: Interesting Facts About The Oromo Ethnic Group Of Ethiopia Ethiopian women are known to be endowed with natural beauty (not such that are enhanced by heavy makeups that end up adding almost another skin-thick layer to the face, giving a strange look like some character from Nickelodeon cartoons).Ethiopian men are known to be flirts and also when you are outside of the Ethiopian community, she will be admired for being exotic.So either way, you will have to learn to deal with having a woman that everyone covets.

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