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Date published: 07/05/2011Judgment on liability in proceedings where the claimant had been dismissed from his new position as a result of an email from a previous employer. The claimant worked in higher education management.

He left Swindon College in 2002, with a glowing reference, to go to work at Bath College.

I am very sorry we are losing him but really pleased he has the opportunity to work with Art and Design curriculum." 3.

In respect of his time at Swindon College, which, as I say, came to an end in November 2002, the claimant in these proceedings has produced a number of witnesses who testified as to his capacities and qualities during his time at Swindon College.

It may just be worth reading out paragraph 8 at page 15 and paragraph 10 at page 16: "8. He was a good planner and set and met high standards in terms of quality.

In the time I knew the Claimant, he was highly respected by me and my colleagues on the Senior Management Team. He was always highly professional in the manner in which he carried out his work, he was also very supportive to me as Manager but never afraid to present new ideas …

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In this judgment, HHJ Denyer reviews the evidence and clearly finds that Swindon's position could not be sustained.The title of the job was "Contextual Studies Co-ordinator".In January 1995, he was appointed to this position.She makes the point, which seems to me to be a blindingly obvious point, that as head of faculty, had there been such complaints, had there been any prospect of any disciplinary action, she would have known about it and they would have been recorded.She likewise is not aware of any possible surveillance on the claimant by the school's employed (employed in the sense of the brought in to assist the schools) educational psychologist. The statement of Christine Bullock is between pages 13 and 16 of divider C. He is a highly intelligent man with an analytic mind. He also completed the work required of him and consistently met deadlines.

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