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I think both sexes don’t know how to be themselves on dating apps.

We are all either scared of the unknown or we fear being judged.

If you’re not meeting people on apps, meeting someone in real life is awkward – especially if they bring someone with them (a chaperone, for example a relative or family friend, to make the situation more ‘halal’ or just for guidance).

It’s quite normal for first meetings but not everyone will tell you whether they’re bringing someone.

With housing prices so high and enormous competition for high salaried positions, it feels like if you haven’t met a set of arbitrary, sometimes unreachable goals, you’re not worthy of the long term investment needed for a marriage.

The persistent idea that you are measured against your salary and how much you’ve achieved by a certain time in your life can leave you feeling inadequate.

I even tried searching for ‘dating a Muslim man is great.’ I looked up something else for comparison: 1) Dating a Christian man. Two top titles were 7 Reasons You Should Date a Religious Man, and How Godly Men See Dating and Marriage. I have never enjoyed getting drunk, and rarely if ever participated in alcohol related festivities during university and afterwards.

Needless to say, the results were far less discouraging. Dating a partner who also does not participate in this social activity is absolutely perfect.

I was hoping to find a good list or article to share, and so here is what I looked up: 1) Reasons to date a Muslim man. I was somewhat surprised when the first article that popped up after both searches was titled These Are the Reasons to Not Date a Muslim Man.

Family Oriented: Like many religions, marriage and families are highly valued in Islam.

And from personal experience, I have seen Muslim friends host their brothers to help them find jobs in new countries, opening their homes to provide shelter for extended family members.

I hope these points ring true for people who are dating a wonderful Muslim man right now, and certainly hope that people add on to my list, or are inspired to write more about this topic. Yes, but hopefully writing this piece is my small part in changing the results for others out there in wonderful relationships like mine.

Clara Burgess is an expat in West Africa, wanderlust driven adventurer, and a College Guidance Counselor.

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