Dating on a college budget updating db from xml

A local community where I live has it regularly and it’s very popular. If you’re looking for a completely new cheap dating adventure, then go to drag Queen bingo. If you like alcohol, make your favorite drinks at home and surprise your date by a blindfold drink exchange. Learn a new skill together and watch reference videos on You Tube. Consider going on an outdoor picnic with your date.

Also take a look at DVD’s and CD’s as well that you can check out of the library. Pick an activity you both love and learn how to turn it into your own business. If you like to read, take your date to a bookstore.

Check out sites like to see if there is an available house you could houses sit at. Find a local brewery and take your date to happy hours and score some free drinks and score some drinks on the cheap.

Consider helping your community out and volunteering together. Do a food tour of your three most favorite restaurants in your neighborhood for drinks one night.

Below is an extensive list of cheap dating ideas for the next time you find yourself in the process of searching for love while sticking to a budget!

If you go to a park that has water access, consider going for a canoe trip or kayak trip.

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