Dating persistent calling

Look for those in a future article.) 4) A Don Juan has options.

One of the main reasons a Don Juan is able to control his emotions, that he doesn't get upset or worry about things, is that he's always pursuing numerous women at the same time.

He doesn't become irate when she doesn't show up at the restaurant or she shows up late. They don't have any reason YET to display signs of high interest. But we don't really have to "pursue" highly interested women, do we? Some guys are too worried about getting hurt, too worried about being taken advantage of, too worried about being made a fool of, and too worried that things are going to turn out badly... You might even say that a Don Juan loves the CHALLENGE of peaking a girl's interest, closing for the phone number, getting the first date, and then converting her low interest into high. CP is not really necessary when the girl is highly interested in us right from the start (in other words, when we LUCK OUT). We expect that she probably won't return our call, or that she'll cancel the date, or that she won't show up, etc. We're prepared to call again and again (until we get a definite NO).

He doesn't react in any of these ways because he EXPECTS these little annoyances to occur. CP is necessary when the girl has a low to moderate level of initial interest in us. We're prepared to have dates canceled or plans altered (we always have backup plans).

They flirt with a woman, and she doesn't flirt back - NEXT.

He may never get her and he's fully prepared to deal with the situation. Do you really think you'd sit around worrying, or get upset, or concern yourself with "protecting your ego" if you had a date with Susan on Wednesday, a date with Kelly on Friday, two other women calling you all the time, and a stack of 9 or 10 different phone numbers sitting on your dresser? When a girl doesn't return your call, it wouldn't faze you a bit. and they've been living in a dream world -- Happily Ever After since. I mean have you not read, more than once probably, that a woman knows within minutes of meeting a man if she's romantically interested in him or not. How can she EVENTUALLY fall for a man who she wasn't IMMEDIATELY attracted to? And this "filling in" is going to relate the very essence of being a Don Juan.In other words, the obstacles are simply how a girl would act who is not HIGHLY INTERESTED in you. when we speak of CP, we're mainly talking about women that don't know you. Or women that you've never spent any significant amount of time with. The key to women, the key to being surrounded by women, the key to being the envy of all your friends, and the key to being a Don Juan... Confident Persistence (CP) consists of deciding what you want, and going for it... She wasn't, actually, very interested in him when they first met. It was months, maybe even years, before she finally cracked. Does he not get put in the doable or dontable category immediately? The very core of becoming the kind of ladies man you've always wanted to be.

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