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Walters, who joined the cast as blue-collar singer Ray Pruit this season, will be back in Western New York for WKSE-FM's Memorial Day bash at the Pier.Here it is five months later and Walters' song, "Hold On," is still in the Top 20."I never thought of it that way," Walters said with a smile. We went out to dinner a couple of times before we started shooting and got to know each other a little bit.

"I got a real strong work ethic, and I think that is one of my strongest attributes. "Most of the people who have grown up in the business have kind of grown up in a little isolated bubble, not really in touch with the rest of the country or the world, for that matter. It's unfortunate that they think of themselves as failures as people if they weren't in the entertainment business.

Walters, who signed a two-year deal, thinks Ray has become such a popular character because he is soooo unlike Beverly Hills. His character really has caught on because people can identify with him.

"Ray just represents more normal upbringing, like a real person," Walters said. He's not from Beverly Hills, he doesn't drive a BMW, he's not glamorous." Ray also is supposed to be older than the rest of the characters on a show that star Jason Priestley (Brandon) sarcastically refers to as "Geriatric Hills, 90210." Like his character, Walters is 25.

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