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Originally it appears that the logo was along the top of the pattern envelope and then in 1935 the logo was along the left hand side of the envelope.

This is where it stayed until the war when the star was used.

Not all Hollywood patterns had glamorous radio and movie stars on their envelopes though.

During WW2 Hollywood patterns had a star in the upper left hand corner.

If you find something that is contrary to your knowledge please let me know so I can adjust this post to be more helpful.

For all pattern a size 12 indicated a 30" bust until 1956 when a size 12 indicated a 32" bust and then in the 1960's sizes changed again and a size 12 changed to a 34" bust, this sizing continues today.

Well I completely understand that aspect because it drives me bonkers not being able to figure a year out but I have also noticed that any website I go to never gives an overly clear picture of multiple pattern companies.

So I know this is a sticky topic because unless you've actually seen the year printed on the pattern you might not trust what others tell you.The site’s images also point you in the right direction, if you’re looking to accurately recreate a vintage look.Vintage Simplicity sewing patterns for ladies, men, children, costumes & crafts.It features historical, visual guides with sample images of vintage sewing patterns.They can be used by enthusiasts and professional designers to see garment varieties, silhouettes, styles, and colors of different eras.

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