Dating violence and academic success

The District will investigate all complaints alleging sexual assault under the procedures for sexual harassment investigations described regardless of whether a complaint is filed with local law enforcement.Sexual assault may be committed by friends, acquaintances, lovers, partners, family and strangers and affects people of all ages, genders, sexualities, races and abilities.To schedule a workshop, visit request a workshop or presentation. Not Anymore is an interactive online video designed to build awareness through education about sexual assault, dating and domestic violence.Although Title IX is primarily known for advancing equity in women’s sports, it provides federal civil rights that forbid sex discrimination in all college student services and academic programs, including but not limited to: admissions, financial aid, counseling and career guidance, athletics, other support services, courses, grading, discipline, employment and training for employment.Title IX protections apply to all members of the campus community, individuals using the college facilities and individuals doing business with the college.The Vice President will meet with the student-complainant, the respondent and other appropriate college personnel to attempt an informal resolution within 30 calendar days of receiving the complaint.A record of the complaint and resolution will be maintained.

It can happen in both heterosexual and homosexual connection.If you have been raped or sexually assaulted or if you are in danger, call 911 and/or the Los Medanos College Police immediately, at (925) 473-7333. Maxwell, LMC Student Services Center, Room SS4-407; [email protected]; (925) 473-7421.Complaints of sexual discrimination, misconduct or harassment should be filed with the college Title IX Coordinator, Dr. Student-complainants have the option of following the informal procedure, working with the Vice President of Student Services.Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other unwelcome visual, verbal, nonverbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.Sexual harassment is conduct that explicitly or implicitly affects a person’s employment or education or interferes with a person’s work or educational performance, creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive work or educational environment.

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