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More than a few of the quitters must feel a twinge of jealousy for those lucky few left behind on the 23-mile island. The reality of out-of-season – and that in holiday-starved America means any month outside July and August – is anything but a paradise for most of those left behind.Martha's Vineyard's dark little secret is one of desperately high levels of depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, domestic violence and even suicide attempts among a population that struggles to make ends meet in a billionaire's playground when the billionaires have all left.As competition for work increases, they have attracted the ire of other islanders.Over half of them are in the US illegally and, say critics, unfairly undercut rivals for business because they don't pay taxes or workers' benefits.People working in traditional industries such as farming and fishing cannot afford to remain or else have to work for the main employers – their wealthy summer neighbours.Inevitably, as soon as they go, the work dries up and the locals are left to stare enviously at the private beaches they cannot afford and the huge houses that are boarded up for 10 months a year.

Like Mr Obama, who gushed two years ago about the island being "one of those magical places where people of all walks of life come together…[and] take each other at face value", the rich visitors pride themselves in its egalitarian, racially harmonious spirit.Miss Rainaud, who said she had herself experienced the "dark side of the Vineyard" visiting as a child, said the abuse crosses race and class lines.Only last month saw the conviction of a local man, Mario Hernandez, who admitted beating a young girl with a metal cable, scarring her permanently, and holding her against a wall as her punched her with a boxing glove.Here, they say with some truth, is a place where we all can be ordinary people, where a captain of industry can be found rubbing shoulders with his gardener in the queue for baked clams at a fisherman's shack.Unfortunately, ever since the Clintons patronised the island in the 1990s and made it fashionable, property prices and the cost of living on Martha's Vineyard have soared.

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