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Nerds, in general, have spent their lives being criticized and judged for their personal choices; from the style of their eyeglasses to the kind of shoes they wear.And because they've been judged unfairly their whole lives, they know the feeling when people around just won't give you a chance.If your best weekend is about staying indoors and watching your favorite movie with the one you love while eating Chinese takeout, then nerd dating is for you.Nerds rarely have the stamina to go clubbing or spend time outdoors unless they'll be going to Comic Con to meet the cast of Star Wars.

The good thing about this is this isn't going to be a bad thing when you're dating a nerd.

While they also work to maintain a good reputation, they don't beat themselves up too much for mistakes they've committed.

More importantly, they don't kill themselves to gain anyone's approval.

So when you're dating a nerd, expect no judgment for the clothes you wear and your inability to get a perfect score in any Math exam.

He definitely understands the feeling and he'll be there to boost your morale.

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