Disaster movie im dating matt damon dating multiple guys

I respect people's opinions with regards to Films but Christ man... PS - Dublindude69's spelling and grammar provide more "funny" than any Seltzer / Friedberg production.. NSFW The Matt Damon song is by Jimmy Kimble and the only connection to the film is their rather entertaining spoof of it. All of them are the equivalent of being raped in the eyes with scissors, I managed about 5 minutes of Meet The Spartans on sky movies a few weeks ago and couldnt watch anymore after that, the guys that write and direct them are the two most talentless people in Hollywood right now, watch a really good spoof movie like Airplane, The Naked Gun, Top Secret or Hot Shots to see how its really done First up op the song is not I'm Dating Matt Damon it is in fact called The Fcuking Song.So the question isn't have you got these on DVD, the question is how many time have you watched them. I can't imagine how much effort goes into making these movies. I'd think you were taking the piss but you've also expressed being a fan of both Twilight and Year One, so you're clearly not taking the piss.. It's perhaps the only laugh in any of those dreadful spoofs.I remember after Disaster Movie I couldn't stop singing "I'm Dating Matt Damon" LOL. It's obviously that the op is either 12 or a pretty poor troll.Date Movie is to funny, the opening scene with the fat chick dancing around to Milkshake song, I laughed until I was hoarse. Meet The Spartans, one big gay joke but an hilarious one at that. Disaster Movie, opens with a poop joke, continues to deliver the gold, Iron Man getting crushed was sooooo funny. When is the next one coming out, the wait is killing me.

(There was a considerable amount of childish, mean-spirited stuff in the form of racist, sexist, and especially homophobic, garbage present, along with ample helpings of juvenile gross-outs.) None of the actors were even bothering to put up any pretense of acting.

TI'm fucking that male model Cos he's so fine And I like to get up with calvin Klein's It's true. T fuck my ass again But I'm also fucking prince caspian I am handsome and I am cool That's why this prince fucks the kids from high school Cum on lets hear it Now's the time to party Let me hear you You know what time it is? no what time is it It's time to get fucked-fuck me-no, fuck me-fuck me...

He fucks all us kids in high school Under the bleachers, in the showers While were changing for gym class I'm fucking oprah I'm fucking obama I'm fucking indiana's ass She's fucking indiana's ass And I'm fucking hancock He's fucking hancock and I'm fucking beowolf You know you like it And I'm fucking kung fu panda And I'm fucking michael jackson Don't judge me I love my animals you see Oh yeah he's fucking the chipmunks Sad to say but it's true He fucks the chipmunks yeah.

So with conditions outside getting worse, the crew hunker down in some sort of warehouse, where they fight the Sex and the City girls for control of the space.

Not-Juno wins the fight by breaking out her baby, then her water breaks over Will and Calvin -- by that, I mean a fire extinguisher breaks open behind the camera. I'm no OB-GYN, but water breaking does not work that way.

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