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For example, if your website is hosted on Host Gator then the name server used to manage your DNS records will be Host Gator’s generic name servers, like this: NS1.NS2.NS3.Each domain name must have at least two name servers. NET Domain registrars usually provide domain owners easy tools to manage their name servers.The first name server is the primary server, however if the primary server is not responding then the secondary name server is used to resolve the domain name. Ideally it would be best if you register domain with hosting provider, this way you will not have to deal with transferring domain name or changing name servers.

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For example, at WPBeginner we use our own private name server. In that case you can simply change DNS name servers and point to your web hosts name servers. Move your mouse over to domains, and then click on Domain Management. Choose the domain name you want to edit and then click on Nameservers button. Click on “I have specific nameservers for my domain”, and enter Host Gator’s nameservers. Just login to your domain management area and choose a domain to edit.

Internet spammers sometimes send email from random domain names without actually owning those domain names, this is called email spoofing. However, incorrect settings could also make a website inaccessible or less secure.

TXT records can have SPF records which is abbreviation for Sender Policy Framework record which is used by email service providers to verify that an email message is actually coming from the same domain as it claims.

MX record is abbreviation for Mail Exchanger record.

It is a type of DNS resource record that defines a mail server to handle email for a particular domain name.

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