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For whatever reason, I went forward with the date with Andre. Once I got there, I started to feel really nervous, and when I’m nervous, my accent becomes even stronger.I had to repeat what I was saying a couple of times, every time I spoke.

’”—which is actually the sentence I’ve heard the most since I moved to the US.Meeting people in France generally goes by the old-school method: dating friends of your friends, my dear!Most of the guys I’ve dated have already been part of my circle somehow — former classmates, roommates of a coworker, soccer teammates of a cousin, etc.And believe it or not, I’m more than my nationality. “You’re hot enough to melt fire and burn Satan,” some man wrote, leaving me genuinely confused. I’ve been exposed to the same type of gross comments in person in France when taking the subway or walking on the street, but they never popped up on my phone during the middle of day.Almost instantly after hitting Create, I was thrown into the Bay Area dating jungle. Once my identity as a French woman revealed itself in conversation, I experienced the most stereotypical exchanges of my life.

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