Episcopalian priests dating parishoners

Similarly, where the clergy are supervising employed members of staff, or mentoring or coaching church members, there needs to be absolute clarity about the role in which they are engaging with them.The responsibility for pastoral care must not be confused with any other role. The appropriateness of visiting and being visited alone, especially at night, needs to be assessed with care.Indeed, any concern about possible criminal behaviour, and in particular any information about abuse or risk of abuse will be reported by the Church authorities to the police.

Manipulation, competitiveness or collusion on either side of the pastoral encounter should be avoided. The responsibility for maintaining appropriate boundaries always rests with the clergy, however difficult or challenging the pastoral relationship may prove to be.

“God calls his people to follow Christ, and forms us into a royal priesthood, a holy nation, to declare the wonderful deeds of him who has called us out of darkness into his marvellous light.” “The Church is the Body of Christ, the people of God and the dwelling-place of the Holy Spirit.

In baptism the whole Church is summoned to witness to God’s love and to work for the coming of his kingdom.” “To serve this royal priesthood, God has given particular ministries.” “Deacons are ordained so the people of God may be better equipped to make Christ known. Christ is the pattern of their calling and their commission.” “Priests are ordained to lead God’s people in the offering of praise and the proclamation of the gospel.

In their ministry, pastoral care and working relationships, the clergy should offer equal respect and opportunity to all.

They should be unbiased in their exercise of pastoral care, especially when caring for one party in a dispute between two or more people.

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