Expect dating nigerian man

Money is good but can never be a basis for love and you can move on with your life but pls stop saying Nigerian men are wicked and heartless on a public forum, its wrong.

Maybe your attitude might be what pushed him too to hurt you knowingly or unknowingly.

A typical Nigerian lady will always scheme for ways to invite you to her church especially if she really likes you. She knows the right time and the man who give a pass to her home. For example, if she is from a Yoruba home, you will be swimming in the waters of respect because the Yorubas from South-West Nigeria value respect.

Importantly, do not reject the offer even if you not a ‘churchy’ person. But some men jump the gun by paying her a surprise visit to her home. So, you are expected to greet not just greeting but prostrate.

try to communicate with him gently and lovingly pointing out his flaws and mistake as u correct them with love and also try to know and change those things you do that he might not like.

if after doing this and still no sign of change, that dude may not be for you.

You can post here if you have issues with Nigerian guys, whether you are confused or looking for straight tips about dating Nigerian men, this is the page for that.Little does he know that the days of parents marrying wives for their kids is old skool and that most women know what they want.If you want your relationship to blossom with a typical Nigerian woman, Jovago.com, Africa’s shares tips that can make this dream a reality.Give her money to make her hair Didi, Shooku, and Patewo are traditional hairstyles in Nigeria but young women prefer the Brazilian hair, the deft Ghana weaving, and attachment because it makes them appear sophisticated.They rarely wear their natural hair, adorning these foreign hairstyles cost money and time and she expects her man to foot the bill for her hair. In other cases, if you notice she is wearing a new hairstyle, it will not kill you to compliment her and perhaps pay for it.

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