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At first, you will need only a few items like a fly rod, fly reel, fly fishing line and a few flies, because as the name itself says, the sport is called catching a fish with a fly.

For a beginner, this is everything that you will need.

To this day, its native range is limited to the upper Snake from Heart Lake to the Palisades Reservoir.

Despite the finespotted’s hearty, undiscerning appetite and a seeming willingness to eat just about anything, experienced anglers view this fish as the most aggressive, hardest fighting trout to snare.

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Other year round outdoor sports include white water river rafting, hiking and competitive marathon running.

Important to early explorers seeking passage west, the Pacific and Atlantic Creeks reach the Continental Divide at Two Ocean Pass near Jackson and part ways.

The Atlantic Creek turns east, merges into the Yellowstone River and eventually flows into the Missouri while the Pacific Creek turns west and merges into the Snake, becoming the largest tributary of the Columbia, eventually reaching the ocean.

If you are a beginner this may look a little challenging at first, but don’t worry, you will know the basics very fast.

You will just have to try fly fishing a few times to get to know with the gear and the activity itself before you can be sure in your knowledge.

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