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Globe finished 2016 with 66.6 million subscribers compared with Smart’s 62.1 million, giving Globe a 52% market share and Smart 48%.

This is remarkable as Smart holds 290 MHz bandwidth and employs 12,000 BTS while Globe only 210 MHz and 7000 BTS in 2017.

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In 2018 a third national provider was selected to fight the duopoly of Smart and Globe: Mislatel for Mindanao Islamic Telephone Company is a joint venture of Filipino businessman Dennis Uy and China Telecom which has been appointed the Philippines’ New Major Player (NMP) or third telco backed by the current president Duerte who promised to break the duopoly.

In order to call the Philippines from the USA, dial according to the following format: Dial 011 63 area code Philippines phone number For example, in order to call a landline in Manila from the USA, dial 011 63 2 ??? Viber Out enables you to make calls to anyone who doesn’t have a Viber account, an internet connection or even a cell phone.For 4G/LTE Smart uses 700 MHz (28), 850 MHz (5), 1800 MHz (3) and 2100 MHz (1); Globe uses 700 MHz (28), 1800 MHz (3), 2300 MHz (40 in TDD-LTE) and 2600 MHz (7).The Philippines has long been notorious for having one of the slowest internet connections in the world and mobile internet is no exception.The response to your inquiry will also be in the secure messaging system in Citibank Online.Once logged in, click on “Messages” in the top bar of the page.

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