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A few days ago we reported to Google the existence of a new malicious app in the Google Play Store.

The Trojan presented itself as the Guide for Pokmon Go.

Another said, "if I go to battery usage app, this app is always at the top.

Further, we have tracked back at least nine other apps infected with this Trojan and available on Google Play Store at different times since December 2015. Do you own an Android Smartphone from Xiaomi, HTC, Samsung, or One Plus?The Trojan downloads file from the specified URL, decrypts it and executes. All downloaded files are encrypted and most of them are local root exploit packs for vulnerabilities dating from 2012 to 2015, including one that was previously used by Hacking Team. Hackers Can Also Exploit This Backdoor Since the researcher didn't find the actual purpose of the Analytics Core app, neither on Googling nor on the company's website, it is hard to say why Xiaomi has kept this mysterious "backdoor" on its millions of devices.In our case the Trojan downloaded a file detected as HEUR: Trojan. As I previously said: There is no such backdoor that only its creator can access.However, since the app is oriented towards English-speaking users, people in such geographies, and more, are also likely to have been hit.Analysis reveals that the app contains a malicious piece of code that downloads rooting malware malware capable of gaining access to the core Android operating system, in this case for the purposes of unsolicited app install and adware. Using these exploit packs the Trojan will gain root access rights to the device.

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