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Riders missing out on a place in Norway included Australia's top-ranked rider this year, Chloe Hosking (Ale Cipollini), who plans to appeal the decision.

Four of the five riders selected are from the Orica-Scott women's team."We have a lot to be thankful for with Gerry," Shayne Bannan, general manager of the Green Edge teams, said in a statement confirming Ryan's support."It's no secret that Orica, who have served us so well as the biggest Australian sporting team sponsorship over the past five years, leave us this year.

Scott agreed to a three-year title sponsorship that started this season, but a replacement for Orica has still to be secured.

understands that Ryan and his companies will also cover any budget shortfall for the men's World Tour team in 20.

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Alan Wilton stated that the broadcaster was in “good form”, but that he didn’t have enough cash to pay for his taxi fare.

I could tell he had a few drinks taken but I wouldn’t say he was drunk or in a bad way.

I pulled up outside his house and he went inside so he could get the cash to pay me…then he said good night and thanks to me and went into his house.

The worming powder was probably used to cut the cocaine he had taken on the night of his death, although the report shows that just 0.05 micrograms of cocaine per millilitre of blood were found in his system.

This suggests he had taken the drug some hours before his death, the Irish Daily Star reports.

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