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And things currently look fairly positive: an April 2019 report suggests that a new i Phone with a smaller screen could be coming in 2019, although a Barclays analyst predicts we'll have to wait until 2020.

Stock cleared quickly, suggesting that there is both demand for an i Phone that size (4in) and that people are desperate for a low-cost i Phone.

Having established the level of demand, could Apple now determine that it is time to launch a new i Phone SE? For one thing, it's possible that we'll never get an SE replacement that's as small - a 4in screen is rather cramped for today's tastes.

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Is this down to the lack of a small and affordable handset in Apple's range? Tim Cook suggested that China was key to Apple's reduction in estimates for Apple's Q1 2019, blaming the trade wars with China and the economic downturn in that part of the world.

But the current i Phone range doesn't seem well-suited to this huge and largely untapped market, which is amply supplied with cheaper phones from the Far East's own manufacturers.

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