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There was abandoned tennis court near our house with weeds growing through the cement, totally private.I used to fantasize that I would "accidentally" wonder upon him sunbathing in that private area, with one thing leading to another, til he fucked the brains out of me. I met him over a few days when my uncle was an entrepreneur in sports merchandising.

(And no matter how many times she's married, including to that guy who played 007, she STILL pings to me. What if one of those fine upstanding athletes were to read that some perverted children were doing immoral things while thinking about them. Stop trying to justify your perversion by making fine upstanding people feel bad. He was so cute and sexy AND emotional, and I wanked thinking about him many times.

Garvey discovered in July 1988 that Cheryl Moulton was pregnant with his child, Ashleigh, a pregnancy Garvey subsequently claimed was intentional on Moulton's part, but without his "consent."[24]Although Moulton was pregnant with his child, Garvey proposed to Rebecka Mendenhall, who was unaware of Moulton, in November 1988. I heard that some of the guys are more meh about a teammate fucking their wife/gf than others.

Garvey and Mendenhall had been in a relationship since August of 1986. The Dodgers team that had Steve Garvey, Bill Russell, Ron Cey and Steve Yeager. He's now Maple Leafs President--god help us.r130, oh spill! Shanahan fucked anything with a hole that stood still long enough. Louis due to the constant distraction of it and some X rated photos the team had to buy up.

He claimed to have asked her to become engaged because of what he termed her "ultimatum" to move on. Jimmy Connors; Guillermo Vilas; Roscoe Tanner; Jim Courier; Ekberg; Becker and most of them. Larry Bird.r126, that was my first thought reading that. I know about his wife, whom he stole from an abusive team-mate. He was a great player, had the looks, and a great personality to go with.

In January 1989, Garvey also became engaged to Candace Thomas, whom he met at a benefit for the Special Olympics. I'm attracted to Michael Bay, and I thought that was the worst. For better or worse I guess he was probably a sex addict.

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