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I'm not knocking the R22 its a great aircraft to fly fantastic tr authourity and positively sporty in comparison but better to fly it after you've got around 50 hrs helicopter time under your belt.As for cost the 300 CB is competitive with the R22,(at least it was when I was teaching/training)as it doesn't have the 2000hr overhaul cost. The key is probably getting time on the a/c you are likely to fly commercially - in NZ maybe more likely to be 300.

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Could you guys give me some advice which one sets you up better for conversions on to other types after training?And, it's the most economical way to learn to fly helicopters.The sales figures speak volumes about the popularity of the machine.You'll likely feel more in control with the 300 at first, but maybe later you'll have more fun with the Robbie. :)Arm the Floats is correct about the 300 in auto hovers and auto landings.As you can see from the posts above, everyone has their favorite. If you want to practice autorotative landings and you feel this is important to your overall flight skills development, then the 300 is the only way to go, as the Robbie is very unforgiving in this area.

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