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Banks are now required by law to thoroughly investigate and verify the identity of anyone they do business with.In order to fully comply, that requires a Social Security number, or an acceptable alternative number.You could move up to an unsecured credit card (one that doesn’t require a deposit) and eventually cards that offer juicy rewards.Secured credit cards are another possibility if you do not have a traditional credit history.It’s known as an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, or ITIN.

The best advice is to take those articles with a very large grain of salt.However, since these payment arrangements are often informal, and involve individuals rather than institutions, the bank may also require that you provide copies of canceled checks to verify that all payments have been made on time.Use of alternative credit does not replace having a Social Security number.Banks heavily rely on your credit score in order to determine your eligibility, particularly when it comes to credit cards.But the biggest reason in recent years is the USA Patriot Act.

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