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Could it be that as a society we have become so far obsessed with equal opportunities within gender towards women, that we have created somewhat of a parallel paradox against the very issues surrounding men and more specifically single fathers?

The obstacles and issues facing single dads occur because of: So for a father, his abilities as a sole parent or guardian are brought to the fore and judged a lot more harshly than in other circumstances.

Some of you reading this might not have even imagined the existence of such fathers 30 years ago, and the concept might still be alien to some.Is it somewhat more demeaning to treat bringing up kids as a full-time job for a man than it is for a woman?Our job in #This Thing Called Parenting is to shoot those arrows higher than ours have gone.Of course a child needs the influence of both parents in their life.However, there is no reason to doubt that in the circumstances where that may not be entirely possible, the dad would not cope with providing the right levels of care.

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