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I am just praying that he won't be in any controversies. The story line is interesting and the actor are marvelous more especially lead actor and actress. this is the first time i m watching a foreign language drama ....n i found thr cud be no other drama better than this .....chan shi was the best in thr n ju yoo rin tooo......yo guys :):):)keep rocking I dislike watching foriegn movies due to my laziness of reading all the subtitles! some of your guests appeared bored because you forgot their presence.. tho you just started but i hope you'd be able to avoid that aspect.. because u have such beutiful eyes and red lips and very good skin. u act very well and we are crazy about u in the phils even in america more rom comedies pls. But I most likely prefer to watch you on tv drama or comedy or romantic comedy!! Also although a lot of girls would be sad, I really hope that you would find the right "GIRL" for you someday. Hope to see you more on screen and may you find happiness in life. I've watched everything I can find with him in it and have never been disappointed. their acting, bromance, style, their face are awesome. fighting Mr Lee, you are trully an wonderful actor who is true to your field, I have seen recent dramas of yours and I specially like hotel king, You were breathtakingly poignant in that drama. It is hard for me being an American who only learned a few words in the Korean Language but now that my siter got me hooked on the drama's I plan on learning the Korean language as is my sister as well.. moreover when you smile, I just wanna see it again and again. Am really pissed off why he isn't voted as the one of the finest Asian actor or male nt only talking about South Korea. To be honest I really love ur acting, ur like my best actor, I love watching ur dramas maybe because of the way u act is so impressive nd cool especially in blade man nd hotel king. That's one of those cases, when I've began to appreciate actor not because of his attractive look and charisma (for sure he hat a lot of this), but because of his acting skills. Seriously the agencies should produce more of dramas with him as the leading guy. I really wish dat u have more drama roles nd ur the main lead. xoxo Just discover Lee Dong Wook early this year when I watched Scent of a Woman and you are a gifted actor. I believe he's very nice, extraordinary person in real life. He deserves to have the best projects and not only TV, but in big screen too. after so many heavy, death-plentiful shows with a mix of crying and fear and generally being overwhelmed in a good way, whatever on earth or in the universe they have Lee Dong Wook playing/doing, it certainly will be refreshing and thankfully not so heart-stabbing like Bubblegum! i hope you and lee da hae are dating in a real life lol. Had been finished watching a very beautiful drama 'Hotel King' again!!! Though I only watched a few of his works he deserves recognition from the industry. Lee dong wook will have another korean tv drama series with her leading lady miss lee da hae but a romantic love story like from then korean tv series my love from another star and also a movie with miss lee da hae her leading lady in my girl and hotel king.. Lee dong wook can go here in the philippines and im her one her best fan i believe that mr. Lee dong wook will have another korean tv drama series with her leading lady miss lee da hae but a romantic love story like from then korean tv series my love from another star and also a movie with miss lee da hae her leading lady in my girl and hotel king.. Lee dong wook can go here in the pjikippines Anyong dong wook oppa, I really love u because your acting is all out n of course u is one of the handsome man for me. Be easy to yourself, you are loved by so many people all over the world! I'm currently watching My Girl, and I love this show as it is funny and the pace is not boring; Dong-Wook is a terrific actor in this series. his agency needs to find him some script who suit more of his character and pair him up with some of rising female leads it can totally rise up his career, popularity i not a problem to him. You're one of the best actor Korea have,your acting skills are great.drama to comedy and even in reality (Roomate) you never failed to entertain us. By the way, Lee Da hae is the most suitable and perfect partner for you. :)) I'm one of your biggest fan here in the Philippines... Whichever way, though, please don't hurt each other. You are SO great in Hotel King and I thank you for being able to be in Roommate as well even at the same time as the drama. Whether he is playing a rom/com or melodrama, he plays his part perfectly. A lot of actors tend to carry the same expressions no matter the role they play but LDW is so versatile and charismatic. i'm so happy watching the fugitive of joseon because song ji hyo unni and you... i hope in real life that couple will happen kkkkk~ I started watching Scent of a woman on netflix last month (January 2014) you did pretty great. I almost HOPE a love triangle of "other creatures" is in the plans-I usually dislike the overuse of them but the coffee princely gong yoo as a goblin perhaps in love alongside some other Tolkienesque Dong Wookie critter will definitely be worth my time and exhaustion of my lungs as I think and hope it will be hilarious! Looking forward to see Lee Dong-Wook doing a TV series soon. I believe he has something more to give into that'll showcase his ability as an artist. Saranghe oppa hopefully I can go to south Korea n see u in personal. and please stay in roommate so we can see you every week (my mood booster)! Lee Dong Wook oppa i have one thing to say: Always remember what Lee Deok Hwa had to say about you when he came to visit Roommate. Don't be so hard on yourself and let that cold refreshment of that plate of snow be a wake up call to that head of yours for not being confident in yourself. I think he and the other lead in My Girl are the same lead actor/actress in Hotel King. but having a good drama is what he needs like Hotel King! I look forward to see more of you doing movies/series in the future. Filipino people loves you very much :*** looking forward to see you here in the Philippines or in South Korea when we come to visit :)) i'm soo addicted to you Lee Dong Wook.. hoping that you will do more movies and drama series.. keep up the good wok, more blessings to come and god bless you always.. All the best, stay strong, Lee Dong Wook-shi hi dong wook im ur super addict fan from the PHILIPPINES im so happy u have urnew movie with da hae and i hope ur relationship continous for real and end up together like other korean actors and actress who got married recently... Keep up the great acting and know all your fans and Roommate family are there to cheer you on give you strength. Whatever I watch him in, his character pulls me completely into the story. :) i hope that you and your love team in my girl will couple in real life ..ilove you .i hope you have new drama with Lee Da-hae.never forget the story of My Girl..until now i always watching.song are very nice.perfect couple .your #1 fan from philippine ..always take care.. I am really glad I was a part of this project and I had a lot of fun.” –Lee Dong Wook“Every day is the same.I wake up at 10am and go eat breakfast then work out with my manager.

And he should be awarded on MBC awards for his amazing acting in Hotel King!! You'd have to be a moron not to love her and find her utterly cute. The boys seemed to be more so her children than younger brother-like. You would never lose with SSD in your life and SSK must have that in her to convey her so well on screen. Even without this show ending, want them already pegged for another drama together. His acting is so credible, that I believe in every emotion he shows.

i'm one your fans..loved your acting, looks..especially your cool and naughty side..you're kindy mysterious too.to see a lot from you soon..you're simply the best..i'm falling for you over and over again.. I just watched "Goblin" for the 2nd time and thought to myself, if this beautiful Grim Reaper will show up to take me to the after life - I think I will be ok. hope Lee dong wook and gong yoo comeback soon in drama and get success like goblin. A true actor portraying the emotions of a guy who has dark past. you can make your acting great although in different character.

After that drama I am enjoying the goblin thankyou. Every scene shows your effort in which it conveys you want the audience to enjoy you on the screen. :) My most favourite character the grim reaper, excellent actor, it has been a joy to watch him on screen. Unconditional love and support ^^ First I saw you in Roommate and now I'm watching you for the first time in Hotel King. good luck and i'll be waiting and watching your drama and movie... but I do love you in funny character, WILD ROMANCE..

“I think I made the most ad-libs with senior actor Gong Yoo.

And I feel like all the actors played to their hearts’ content.

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