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Ren'Py has been used to create over 1,500 visual novels, games, and other works.

When Telnet first started being used, there weren't nearly as many people on the internet, and by extension not anything near the number of hackers seen today.

While it wasn't secure even from its very inception, it didn't pose as large of a problem as it does now.

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These days, if a Telnet server is brought online and connected to the public internet, it's likely that someone will find it and hack their way in.

The fact that Telnet is unsafe and shouldn't be used shouldn't be much of a concern to the average computer user.

The last portion of the command is used for the Telnet port number but is only necessary to specify if it's not the default port of 23.

For example, telnet 23 is the same as running the command telnet, but not the same as telnet 95, which connects to the same server but on port There is no default telnet password or username because Telnet is simply a means which someone can use to log on to a Telnet server.

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