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Most are indoor shots but there are a few outdoor pics like the topless wife rolling around in the sand at the beach.She looks so good in her black thong that her hubby decided to share her tits and ass with the strangers at Swap Smut. You could say that is a porn site of the people, for the people and by the people. They just love filming themselves getting the D or giving the D.

This is one way to check out what else this site has to offer.Another way would be by hitting up the categories and sorting through the content that way.Just an FYI, most of the content on this site is free to view but there’s a special VIP section that requires you to upgrade your account to see the gems hidden there.I don’t know if the upgrade is worth it or not but I do know that signing up for the free account is definitely worth a shot since it gives you access to a bucket load of amateur content you most likely won’t see any where else but here.The downside is that Swap is somewhat of a new website. It is as if somebody has whipped up a theme in paint and thought “this will do”.

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