Mature dating tips

Communication before sex: Ask her open-ended questions about her passions, experiences, dreams, and adventures Look into her eyes for the majority of the conversation Keep the conversation focused on her, but listen and relate back with experiences and stories from your own life after she tells you something about her life Communication during sex: throughout the entire process if you really want to find success.This might not be too surprising but you need to actually be putting these tips to work if you want to improve.Here’s a little embarrassing story to illustrate this…I once had an older woman buy me a copy of The Multi-Orgasmic Man for my birthday.You should be able to go at it for at least 10-15 minutes consistently - without worrying about finishing too quickly the whole time.

And so, they’re usually more comfortable with themselves and their bodies than younger women. If you don’t give your older woman good sex – whether she’s a girlfriend, friends with benefits, wife, etc. But once you learn how to satisfy older women in the bedroom, she’ll want to keep coming back again and again.A sexy older woman doesn’t want a 5-minute sex session.To have better sex with older women, you need to build your stamina and last longer.If you don’t know how to handle this part, then the sex will likely be sub par. You don’t need to go through the full gambit every time, but when you break out tools like these during foreplay, she’ll appreciate it and get very turned on. Work your way down each leg with your mouth, then slowly back up to her pussy.And the foreplay can start before anyone takes their pants off. Once you play the music and light the incense and candles, you can tell her to lie down and then give her a sexual massage. When you finally start the cunnilingus, she’ll be moaning uncontrollably.

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