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Before long, the incident response team at my company opened up a telephone bridge so I, my experts and my experts' experts -- including security pros from Microsoft -- could all discuss what was happening and brainstorm about the potential causes.The incident response team also began troubleshooting and realized the only affected computers were Windows XP computers with Service Pack 2 installed, and that we had just received a DAT file from our antivirus vendor shortly before the computers froze.So, with one of the unaffected computers, contact was made with our antivirus vendor where we were able to download a new/corrected DAT file.From there, we were able to copy the working DAT file to our affected machines and return them back to normal, stable operation.Admittedly, a bad DAT file from an antivirus vendor is generally the exception rather than the rule.However, learning from such events can help you be better prepared should any sort of major network outage occur. Hayden (Ernie), CISSP, CEH, is the founder and owner of 443 Consulting, LLC, an enterprise focused on providing quality thought leadership in the areas of information security, cybercrime/cyberwarfare, business continuity/disaster recovery planning, and research.

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Additionally, a Task Type= line in the [General] section of the file is provided to describe the task type. Information for this check is determined by examining the contents of this file. On the Schedule page, locate the "Schedule Status:" label, and select the "Enabled" option.From the e PO server console System Tree, select the Systems tab, select the asset to be checked, select Actions, select Agent, and select Modify Tasks on a Single System.Verify there is a Product Update task type enabled.Criteria: If [Settings] Enabled=1 and [Schedule] Type=0 the schedule is daily, this is not a finding. Locate the "Schedule type:" label, and from the pull down menu, select at least "Weekly". On the Summary page, verify the settings and select Save. If [Settings] Enabled=1 and [Schedule] Type=1 the schedule is weekly, this is not a finding.

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