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Brick is forgotten all the time by both Frankie and Mike.

Brick basically reads his life away and Mike and Brick never get to bond.

When Axl went away to college, Axl wouldn't text Frankie but would text Mike which got Frankie annoyed and stressed out.

Mike texted Axl to text Frankie which he did and made her happy.

Frankie made a similar one for Mike having an imcomplete one which led into an argument.

He is the manager of a quarry in Orson and is known for his straight-forward, practical attitude, as well as his tendency to be emotionally a brick wall.

But Mike does have a fun and softer side that he doesn't like to show.

Mike has 3 kids but favors Axl because of their love of sports.

Mike also pays the most attention to Axl and yells at him about his grades.

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